Email Marketing

Despite the advent of social media and other developments, email marketing remains an effective tool for promoting a business. However, email marketing campaigns have to be well planned to have the necessary impact. As you will be aware, many organisations use email to market their products and services, hence your emails need to stand out from the crowd.

Email marketing for businesses


Perhaps the main benefit of email marketing is to cross sell or upsell products and services to your existing client base. This works well as your clients are likely to open emails from you as a trusted supplier. If your content is well-written, clients are more likely to take action.

Email marketing can also be used to attract new customers provided they know about your company in some way. For instance, email marketing to people you have met at networking events (provided you have permission to market to them) can work well.

Proper segmentation of your contacts list is vital in ensuring that the right message gets to the right audience.


The content of your emails is, naturally, very important. Direct selling rarely works for most industry types, whereas informative, educational content tends to be appreciated especially when images and/or video is used in conjunction with text. Autoresponders can be set up so that any new signups to your list can automatically receive a series of emails spaced out over a period of weeks or months. This is not to say, of course, that emails should not be used to sell, but it must be done with some subtlety.

Responsive Email

Email marketing must use responsive design for mobiles

Statistics from August 2016 suggest that 56% of all email is opened on mobile devices. It is, therefore, essential that the emails you send can be viewed properly on all mobile phones. This means ensuring that the emails you send are responsive, in exactly the same way as you would expect a web page to display properly on devices of any screen size.


Statistics from email marketing campaigns should be monitored closely. The two main points to assess are:

  • open rate, i.e. what percentage of emails sent were actually opened
  • click through rate, i.e. what percentage of those that opened the email actually took action

Our Services

We can help you set up, design, manage and monitor email marketing campaigns both to your existing and potential customers. In addition, we can assist in the set up of effective sign up forms on your website and elsewhere.

We offer a fully managed service in which we handle the whole process on your behalf, reporting back to you at regular intervals. Alternatively, we can offer a self-service option where you write and send the emails yourself based on templates we design for you. In the latter case, we are on hand to provide advice and guidance on content and strategy.


We believe that email marketing is an effective way of promoting a business’s products and services. The services we offer in this area are flexible and can adapt to the particular needs of your organisation. Whether you are new to email marketing or have tried it before without success, we can help.

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