British Ski Center / Sierra Essence mobile responsive website


British Ski Center and Sierra Essence are 2 companies that have a director in common. The first focuses on ski and snowboard lessons in the Sierra Nevada, Spain, whereas the second deals with accommodation, lift passes, transfers and facilities bookings. They had separate, but very similar websites previously with most content duplicated across both sites. This was confusing. In addition, the Portuguese ski school had an almost identical site. All the sites had served the companies well for several years but a more modern design was needed with a different site structure.


Mobile version of Ski Sierra Nevada

We decided to have a single WordPress website for British Ski Center / Sierra Essence that would cover all their business activities and a separate website (but with a similar design) for the Portuguese ski school which was simpler and less extensive.

Again, this project was a collaboration with Nikki from Designs Like These. Nikki designed the site elements we built, tested and implemented the new site.

The site has nearly 200 pages and 2000 images. Most of the images are of the hotels and apartments that are rented out through the company.

As with all of our projects, we went through a comprehensive testing process, checking page load speeds, appearance and functionality across a wide range of browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge etc.), operating systems (Windows, Android, OSX, iOS) and devices (desktops, mobiles and tablets). Older versions of all these were included in our tests so we could be confident that the site looked good and worked properly on the vast majority of devices currently in use. It seems that 3% of site visitors are still using Internet Explorer so well worth checking the site on these older browsers.

The migration from the previous site went smoothly but the redirection of the old pages to the new ones was hampered by the sheer volume of pages (more than 1000) that the old Content Management System had built and the complexity of the web addresses it created which, in some cases, were long and cumbersome. However, we constructed a mapping between the old and new pages and ensured the old pages were properly redirected to appropriate places on the new site to avoid ‘page not found’ errors.


The British Ski Center and Sierra Essence now have a modern, fast, mobile-responsive website to help them grow their business. The feedback from management and staff has been excellent and we continue to work with them, making changes such as adding new properties as well as monitoring the site and updating software components.