British Society for Investigative Dermatology


The British Society for Investigative Dermatology (BSID) is a professional organisation for clinical and research dermatologists. They were keen to replace their older website with a more modern, more attractive alternative which would provide additional information and help attract new members.


BSID Mobile view

The project to create a new website for the BSID was another collaboration between AttractMore and Nikki Shield of Designs Like These. Nikki carried out the initial research, investigation and analysis with the BSID and then created the graphic design and the page layouts.

AttractMore chose WordPress as the best content management system (CMS) for the site based on the requirements of the BSID. We then constructed a custom WordPress theme based on the agreed designs. Some of the content was carried over from the previous website and the remainder was written by the BSID. We assembled all the content and placed it on the new website on a test server.

We then went through our formal test phase checking appearance, function and performance across a wide range of devices, operating systems and browsers. This test included older versions of operating systems and browsers so we could be confident that the new, mobile-friendly site for the BSID would work effectively whatever device a user chose to access the web pages.

In order to preserve the value accumulated in the old site, we mapped old web page addresses to the new ones and ensured that anyone (or any search engine) attempting to use old web addresses would be smoothly redirected to the most appropriate page on the new website.

Implementation, which also included a change in the hosting provider, went quickly and easily.


The BSID now have a modern attractive website that works on devices of all types. They have the opportunity of advertising their events as well as vacancies for dermatology professionals. Importantly, they also have a much better means of communicating with their members and encouraging others working in the field of dermatology to joining their professional organisation.