CN Bio Innovations


CN Bio Innovations is a Biotech company at the forefront of the creation of organ on a chip technology, that is, technology which accurately imitates the functioning of human organs. Their previous website was not in keeping with the style or image of the company and looked inadequate compared to competitors.


CN Bio Mobile

We were asked to carry out the development of the site by Designs Like These who undertook the analysis and design work. Designs Like These had done earlier work with CN Bio on print design and were very familiar with the company, its products and style. AttractMore took up the development from the agreed designs. Specialist artwork was provided by Designs Like These.

The site was developed in WordPress and we migrated blog posts from the previous site to the new version. The project was carried out in two phases as there was a commercial imperative to have a version of the new site available prior to an important conference that CN Bio were attending in the US. This was achieved and outstanding items were built in a second phase.

In both phases extensive testing was carried out. Functional and layout testing was carried out on 45 combinations of browser, operating system and device. This was to ensure that the new site would work perfectly and look as intended on all sorts of devices (iPhones, Android phones and Windows phones/tablets, Macs and Windows desktops), operating systems (current as well as older versions) and browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer, Edge).

We also incorporated performance considerations from the beginning and worked to minimise the page load time across the site. On average the home page loads in less than a second on a decent broadband connection.


The result is a site that looks good and which properly reflects the company and their mission.