Bespoke dressmaking in Oxford. Japlene


Japlene have been in business in the same premises in Headington, Oxford for over 30 years. In that time they have built up an enviable reputation for the design and creation of wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, mother of the bride outfits, christening gowns, ball gowns etc.

Their previous website did not do justice to them and contained few photos to demonstrate their creative abilities. The new site reflects the style and character of the owners and allows visitors to see the range of designs, fabrics and accessories that Japlene deal with.


Japlene Mobile View

We started by analysing the type of visitors that would use the design services of Japlene and created a series of ‘personas’ to encapsulate the characteristics and needs of the different audiences that Japlene were targeting.

From there we developed a static design which went through several iterations before the client and ourselves were happy with the colours, typefaces, font sizes, button styles etc., i.e. the full look and feel of the site independent of the size of screen on which it would be displayed.

We discussed the structure the site which lead to the development of the navigation and then to the layout of the pages. Layouts were constructed using online tools which allowed us to design how the layout would change on different device types. This then lead on to discussions about the best content management system (CMS) to use for the new site for Japlene. Examining the designs and considering how it would be easiest for the client to amend the content and add new material, we chose Perch as the best option.

In parallel with this, the content was developed by Japlene and all the elements were assembled into a completed version that was thoroughly tested on a whole range of different devices from older iPhones and Android devices, tablets and larger screens (Windows and Mac).

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The result is a much more attractive website which is infinitely more appealing to the intended audience. Feedback has been very good indeed from people using the site on mobiles, tablets and desktop screens. In addition, the website performs well for a series of search phrases related to the product and services that Japlene offers in the geographical area in which they operate.